Dymax Tree Shear Range

Why Buy a Tree Shear Attachment ?

Simply,  Why use chainsaws if you can do the job cheaper, quicker and safer working from the warm and comfortable cab of a machine in almost all weather conditions?

Dymax Tree Shears have become the most cost effective and safest way to fell trees since Practicality Brown Ltd introduced them to the UK in 2005.

UK Stock

To make it even easier to switch to Tree Shears, we hold UK stock of the most popular models for immediate despatch.


We can introduce you to a finance company who understand our products – just ask and we can provide contact details.

Here are the details of the full Dymax Tree Shear range for 2018:

Grapple Tree Shears

These are the most popular models that grip, shear and control trees until released

Dymax Grapple Shears are the most reliable, most ruggedly built heavy duty tree shear in the world.

Ideal for site development, tree clearance, utility maintenance, fire breaks, heathland restoration, forest thinning and removal of diseased trees caused from such infestations as the Pine Shoot Beetle, Phytophthora and Ash Dieback.

Dymax FG Grapple Shears are an excellent entry level tree shear attachment for occasional or seasonal use contractors, and ideal for the normal site clearance application.

Available in 10 “ (25cm) to suit 8t excavators and skid steers and 14” (36cm) diameter cutting capacity to suit larger skid steers and 14 tonne excavators.

The 14” models feature Replaceable Dymax 3/4” (19mm) AR400 cutting knives and Two powerful 5” (13cm) hydraulic cylinders.

Skid Steer/Excavator FG Models:

  • 10″ FG Grapple Shear (3347D Model)- brochure – photos
  • 14” FG Grapple Shear (3471D Model)- brochure – photos – video

Dymax SLX Heavy Duty Excavator Models

The NEW Dymax SLX Grapple Shears for excavators are rugged and productive, and the perfect tool for applications from large site clearance to production harvesting.

Models include capacities of 14” (36 cm), 16” (41 cm), 18” (46 cm) and 20” (51 cm) and are sized to fit hydraulic excavators ranging from 14 to 36 tonnes.

All Dymax SLX Grapple Shears feature heavy duty shear arms that power tough, precision machined Hardox 400 cutting knives through the hardest of hardwoods.

These are Heavy Duty Tree Shears for regular demanding use.

Grapple arms operate in conjunction with the shear arms through the use of a sequence valve.

NEW SLX Excavator Models:

  • 14” SLX Grapple Shear – brochure
  • 14” SLX Grapple 60 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 14” SLX Grapple 180 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 16” SLX Grapple Shear – brochure
  • 16” SLX Grapple 60 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 16” SLX Grapple 180 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 18” SLX Grapple Shear – brochure
  • 18” SLX Grapple 60 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 18” SLX Grapple 180 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 20” SLX Grapple Shear – brochure
  • 20” SLX Grapple 60 Rotation Shear – brochure
  • 20” SLX Grapple 180 Rotation Shear – brochure

Bunching Tree Shears

An additional bunching function can be fitted optionally to some models to accumulate several cut trees.

Rotation Limb Shears

(These compact & agile shears shear and drop limbs)

Versatility In The Air – Without Using MEWP’s and Chain Saws!

Dymax 180° Rotation Limb Tree Shears for excavators are ideal for 13-25T excavators. A sleek narrow frame design allows these shears to manoeuvre in tight, hard-to-reach locations. With 180° of hydraulic rotation your machine can reach any limb, anytime.

10” (25cm) and  14” (36cm) cut capacity models available.

AR400 machined cutting knife system.

180° hydraulic rotation, 90° left and right.

Optional electro-hydraulic diverter valve kit.

brochure – photos

Operated Hire

Our contracting division can offer operated hire of the following Dymax Tree Shear models within 100 miles of Iver, Bucks :

  • 10″ Forestry Grapple Shear on 8t Zero Swing Excavator
  • 14” Forestry Grapple Shear on 14t Zero Swing Excavator
  • 16” Dymax Forest Grapple Shear with Rotation on 21t Excavator
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