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Dymax UK distributors Dymax Tree Shears throughout the UK and Europe.

Since Practicality Brown Ltd introduced Dymax Tree Shears to the UK in 2005, they have become regarded by the larger tree clearance contractors as the toughest and the most reliable, long lasting Tree Shears for the 13-30t excavator range.

Some competitors have produced lighter tree shears and added worm drive rotation which has been very attractive for the 14t class excavator, which is of course the most popular in the UK, but we doubt they will get close to outliving a Dymax !

Working with the factory, we have monitored the progress of others, and now launch a new Dymax Range which incorporates market demand for good rotation  and is light enough to work well on a 14t machine. Our new range are still very robust and the rotation is considerably stronger than the competition… We know that the machine operator has to be able to trust his machine…

We are proud to offer this new robust range for serious contractors who want attachments that are totally reliable and last…

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